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Main Dealer Warranties"The Legal Facts"
Motorists ask yourself these important questions
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Insurance Approved Repairers "The Facts"
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Main Dealer Warranties"The Legal Facts"

   To all you owners of new cars or still under warranty who are fed up with the costs and the service you receive from main dealers and the lies they tell you.....Thanks to EU regulations even if your vehicle is still under the Manufacturers Warranty the correct fitment of genuine or similar quality after market parts namely oe = original equipment will not invalidate your warranty and here is the EU regulation listing and wording to proove this.Block Exemption Regulation (EC) 1400/2002 has been introduced to ensure more competition in the servicing and repairs market, leading to lower costs and higher standards for consumers.The Block Exemption Regulation means that you have the freedom to choose where to have your vehicle maintained, without the manufacturer's warranty being invalidated, providing original parts, or parts of matching quality are fitted by the garage / repairer.
See f/bk pagePmg Motor Servicesand like it for other important and free helpful tips aswell as numerous photos of work carried out.. Thankyou.

Motorists ask yourself these important questions

 How many of you will answer yes to all?      *Save Time and Money*   
     Please take the time to read this notification,for your benefit & ours.

Do you own a car if so ask yourself these 10 important questions,
1/Does my current garage Collect & Deliver my car Free of charge?
2/Do they carry out all Mechanical & Bodyshop Repairs to the highest standards & guarantee all of their work in writing if required inc smart repairs?
3/Do they carry out Mot's & mechanical repairs,servicing,brakes,clutches,timing belts, head gaskets etc all to manufacturers standards so your warranties remain valid?
4/Do they provide a Free Mini Valet with Bodywork and Crash Repairs?
5/Do they Offer Multiple Discounts on all Repairs?
6/Do they put you the customer first with free unbiased advice?
7/Can they carry out every repair your vehicle may need quickly?
8/Do they supply and fit tyres & exhausts @ competitive prices?
9/Do they carry out a full range of Alloy wheel repairs/refubishing inc powder coating?10/Will they work late or at w/ends to get your car back to you?
If the answer is NO to any question then you need to check out our website and facebook page pmg motor services, and call US NOW. We doubt you will find any one garage anywhere to do all of the above.If you care about your friends & family,then like & share us now on facebook page Pmg Motor Services. Thankyou

Latest May offers

    *******      LATEST MAY OFFERS       *******           
 Service including mot from £140, All Mechanical Work Undertaken.
10% discount on Brakes if done at the same time as a service,
10% off Brake Pads when fitted with original equipment discs.10% discount when Full Timing Belt Kit is Fitted.
10% discount on dual mass flywheels when a clutch is fitted.Free tracking when 4 tyres are fitted,any size.Price matching on complete exhaust systems (same make only)
Free Fit on 3+4 year guarantee batteries, Diagnostics and fault code reading start from as little as £15 for most makes of vehicle.
Other multiple discounts apply so I only need to collect the vehicle once.

 MOT Welding,sills,floor pans and general rust repairs etc.

 A full range of Body repairs including Smart Repairs for Dents, Bumper Corners,Doors, Mirrors etc,All Insurance Approved repairs,Resprays etc.
FREE MINI VALET WITH ALL BODY REPAIRS.  Alloy Wheel Refurbishing and Repairs including Welding.Colour Changing from Silver to your choice.Powder Coating & Diamond Cutting to Original New Condition.Also Repair,Paint & Lacquer Finishing to any Colour.Discounts apply to sets of wheels.
Lots of Genuine Testimonials & Photographs.Remember all these prices include free collection & delivery. Check out our Facebook page Pmg Motor Services like/share and keep checking for future offers,helpful tips and free advice yes free advice!!

Insurance Approved Repairers "The Facts"

Some Important Facts regarding Accident repairs through Insurance Companies

Do you know that if you have an accident and your insurance company tells you that you must go to their approved repairers this is actually false information and misleading for the following reasons.
1/ They are not approved by the quality of their work but the fact that they have bought from the insurance company the postcode which means any cars from a certain area will go to them, they also have to give the insurance company a discount (normally 5%-10%)  so they try to cut corners to save money which means you may think your getting new parts but this is not always the case and your parts may be repaired.
 When we started we were approved by most leading companies by our standards and we have never paid to get work.

2/ Once your car is in that garage they may park it in a compound untill they have time to start the work which could be 2 or 3 weeks and the insurance company are not interested in chasing them up because they would have to pay for the repair earlier,whereas a smaller garage or someone you have used in the past will want the space and try to get your car back to you asap or at least we would.

3/ The quality of the repairs is not always up to the level of someone you may have taken your car to for years as the person you have known will try to return your car in a condition that will reflect his workmanship whereas the "approved garage"will only be interested in profit as they know more work will be coming from your area.
Our priority and has been since day one wether it be accident or mechanical repairs is to provide top class repairs at a fair price and the customer has always come first.

4/ Aslong as the garage you want to take your car to (its your property remember) is not more expensive than the "approved " garage then you can by law take it where you want.

5/ Its always better to take your car to someone you know or that has been recommended to you that will do a good job than to take a gamble on someone you do not know who may be miles away from where you live who only sees you as just another punter.

6/ Lastly if you need any help with making a claim or dealing with an insurance company or if you have been unlucky enough to have an accident then feel free to call us for any information or a free quote.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we hope its been helpfull

Leaving Comments

Comments are for customers and friends

To all you companies who keep trying to leave comments which are basically adverts for your own company please do not as I view all comments before posting and I will not post them so don't waste your time or mine !!
   This blog is for people who want to or have had their car or van repaired wether it be servicing,mechanical repairs,welding,mot's or body repairs including smart repairs,resprays etc and alloy wheel repairs and refurbishing.
   You can view comments on f/bk page Pmg Motor Services also.
    Thank You

Car and Van Wrapping

Car and Van Wrapping

Thinking of having your car/van wrapped ??

To all you people who are thinking about having your car or van wrapped or signwritten using stick on graphics. Be careful check out the company first including check out the vinyl they are going to use as wrapping has become popular the cowboys have jumped on the bandwagon and are charging a lot of money to wrap but they are using cheap vinyl which looks good at first but quickly deteriorates in the sun and harsh weather and scratches and fades.  I have heard some frightening stories one woman paid £1850 to wrap a Nissan Juke in Harlow and they broke her headlights because they never knew how to remove them ,she has been back 5 times for problems with the wrap and the headlights,they have denied any knowledge of the damage and now they are refusing to even discuss any problems with her. She could of had her car resrayed for the same money as what she paid for this wrap,in fact less because she now has to pay for 2 headlights.It takes 1-2 weeks to respray a car to a good standard and the materials cost is approximately £350, this is why the cowboys are jumping on the bandwagon, 1 day to wrap a car  and more profit than 1-2 weeks of respraying and doing a better job. PEOPLE BE CAREFUL AND DON'T GET CAUGHT. See our other blogs for help and advice and call us anytime for a quote on ANYTHING relating to your vehicle. Thanks, the management of Pmg Motor Repairs (see facebook page Pmg Motor Services)like and share please.

Driving in snow

Avoid heavy braking as you will skid even with abs on solid ice you will skid,if you begin to skid take your foot momentarily off the brakes and re-apply mimmicking abs.
Be careful around corners as if the suns not melted the ice or snow you may hit a patch and as the weight of the car is moving sideways you will leave the road.
On ice it doesn't matter if you turn the wheel the weight of the car carries it in the direction of travel.
Lastly always consider winter tyres from december till end of feb or early march as they are far superior in lower temperatures not just snow and ice.
Thanks for reading this blog and please support us by visiting facebook page Pmg Motor Services and liking the page...Stay safe.
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